9MUSES’ Ryu Sera reveals she was diagnosed with depression and ADHD

“I wanted to share it with you all in case it can help you”

Ex-9MUSES leader Ryu Sera has opened up about her personal experience with depression and ADHD.

In a recent Instagram post, the former K-pop idol shared that she had been diagnosed with depression and ADHD about two years ago. The singer also spoke about her mental health and how she has been living with the diagnosis.

“It’s been two years since I was diagnosed with panic depression and it’s been four months since I have been receiving treatment for my ADHD,” she wrote, as translated by Koreaboo. “The day has officially come where instead of relying on medication, I can communicate with a psychologist instead.”

The singer noted that she went to visit the hospital because she “didn’t want to regret neglecting any potential treatment”, although she noted that she initially did not “want to rely on medication”.

“I have learned a lot and discovered an important truth. I wanted to share it with you all in case it can help you,” she added. “Sometimes, people with attention deficit disorders or hyperactivity disorders will only receive treatment for depression because of their anxiety. I strongly advise that you get tested for both together.”

9MUSES made their debut in 2010 with the single album ‘Let’s Have A Party’, featuring the title track ‘No Playboy’. Ryu left the group in 2014 and launched a solo career the following year with her first mini-album, ‘SeRen:Ade’.

Last year, the singer returned to the spotlight with a stint on the MBN reality show Miss Back. The series also featured a number of other former K-pop girl group members, such as After School’s Raina, Stellar’s Gayoung and Dal Shabet’s Subin.

Back in May, Ryu alleged that she was kicked out of the now-disbanded girl group without her knowledge. During an interview with Brazillian journalist Fefo Caires, the former K-pop idol detailed her exit from the girl group in 2014, claiming that she wasn’t told that she would no longer be part of the group and only found out after reading the news.

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