Ex-9MUSES member Ryu Sera claims she was kicked out of group for calling out the “excessive use of sex appeal”

“Back then, putting on skimpy outfits was extremely distressing to me”

Former 9MUSES member Ryu Sera has opened up about her past discomfort with the group’s sexy concepts.

In a recent interview with The Korea Times, the idol-turned-YouTuber explained the circumstances surrounding her dismissal from the group in 2015.

Ryu claimed that she was “kicked out of 9MUSES, because I openly vented all my grievances about our excessive use of sex appeal”. She also said that the group’s revealing stage outfits were a source of “frustration” for her.


“In hindsight, I was a bit immature to do so, but back then, putting on skimpy outfits was extremely distressing to me,” she went on, explaining that she had thought wearing revealing clothing would make her a “cheap” person.

Later in the interview, the former idol also opened up about some of the hardships she faced following her departure from 9MUSES. “I stayed away from television for a while. Even watching someone on TV had me imagining the pressure that they were likely dealing with,” said Ryu, who had been struggling with depression and body image issues.

“I lost the motivation to live, and felt like I had nothing more to lose. I know this might sound alarming, but whenever I got word of people who had taken their lives, I envied their courage to either live or die on their own terms,” she confessed, before emphasising that she was “okay” now.

Earlier this year, the former K-pop idol shared that she had been diagnosed with depression and ADHD in a lengthy Instagram post. The singer also spoke about her mental health and how she had been living with the diagnosis.


“It’s been two years since I was diagnosed with panic depression and it’s been four months since I have been receiving treatment for my ADHD,” she wrote, as translated by Koreaboo. “The day has officially come where instead of relying on medication, I can communicate with a psychologist instead.”