Watch Abangsapau’s music video for debut Def Jam Southeast Asia single ‘Hahaha’

After a year of silence, the Singaporean rapper with a sarung is back with new music

Singaporean rapper Abangsapau has released a music video for his new single, ‘Hahaha’.

The track – which dropped last Friday (May 7) – marks the 22-year-old’s official debut with Def Jam Southeast Asia, which is headed by Joe Flizzow and also houses the likes of Yung Raja and A. Nayaka.

The accompanying music video follows Abangsapau through different ‘timelines’, from one where he’s an average person relaxing at home to another where he’s a successful artist getting prepared for a show. Watch the video, directed by Island Boys Collective’s KidMeddling, here:


In a press conference, Abangsapau explained that the song ‘Hahaha’ was a reflection on “being an artist in a superficial world”. In a separate statement, he added, “Some want to win and achieve through the systems in place, in line with the status quo. Others stand for change and reject it. In it, I am questioning the status quo as much as I am questioning myself.”

‘Hahaha’ follows Abangsapau’s last official releases, the 2019 singles ‘Clingy’, ‘Buat Ape?’ and ‘Aura’. In the press conference, the rapper revealed that he is sitting on a completed album, one that is about “family, mental health and the world” – but is just waiting for a good time to release it.

The Malay-Sikh rapper – known for wearing his distinctive sarung – gained a larger profile last year when he performed at Singapore’s National Day Parade with his mother, and also at Mediacorp’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Countdown concert.