ABANGSAPAU releases new single ‘I Used To Dream’ alongside Fauxe remix

'I Used To Dream' is ABANGSAPAU's second release of 2022

Singaporean rapper ABANGSAPAU has released his latest single ‘I Used To Dream’ alongside a remixed version by producer Fauxe.

ABANGSAPAU dropped the single on streaming platforms on November 11, featuring both the original track as well as Fauxe’s dreamy take on the introspective track.

In an Instagram post accompanying the single’s release, ABANGSAPAU elaborated on the track’s theme, writing: “For the dreams that never died, for the inner child you learnt to bury, for the light discovered in the darkest of places, for fear, for change, for the views from rock bottom, for the late nights, for the early mornings, for bills, for tears, for death, for life, for grief, for birth, for chapters old and new, for you.”


Listen to ‘I Used To Dream’ below.

‘I Used To Dream’ is ABANGSAPAU’s second release of 2022 following the January single ‘Boyhood’ featuring singer-songwriter Charlie Lim. ‘Boyhood’ was accompanied by a music video shot in the rapper’s former secondary school with the help of his former discipline master, Mr. Vick.

ABANGSAPAU shared following the release of the music video, “It’s so funny because [Mr. Vick] was the same person who walked up to my class calling me out to get caned in the school hall – which is where we shot most of the main scenes in the video.”

The single was also his second release with Def Jam Southeast Asia since signing with the label in 2021, which he consummated with his label debut single ‘Hahaha’ in May.

Fauxe recently appeared on Malaysian pop artist Shelhiel‘s ‘Superstrobe (Remixes)’ project earlier this year in March, which saw producers from across Asia to reworking tracks from his 2020 EP, ‘Superstrobe’. Fauxe was joined by CrwnLONER, Double Clapperz and more on the project, which was labelled the “finale” of Shelhiel’s ‘Superstrobe’ era.


Fauxe also appeared in the October 2021 music video for Singaporean rapper BGourd‘s track ‘Fresh Air’ from his 2020 EP ‘Veggie Wraps, Vol. 2’, which was produced by Fauxe.