Abubakarxli releases new single ‘KRU’ featuring Fariz Jabba

Abubakarxli's latest track was produced by SonaOne

Malaysia-based rapper Abubakarxli has collaborated with Singaporean MC Fariz Jabba on his new anthemic single ‘KRU’.

Produced by SonaOne, Abubakarxli’s latest track arrived last Friday. An accompanying music video was uploaded on YouTube the same day (August 14).

Watch the video here:


The release of ‘KRU’ was a follow-up to the Ipoh-born 23-year-old’s single ‘NiNiNi’, which dropped in January.

Boasting infectious melodies, the lyrics of ‘KRU’ revolve around the themes of friendship and loyalty.

“When you fall or get up, it’s all on your own way. Not anyone else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you how to run your life. Just do it your own way,” the rapper, who is also affectionately known as Abu, said in a press release.

Across the Causeway, Fariz Jabba expressed his admiration for Abu’s passionate devotion towards his art and caring for those around him.

In a statement, he said, “Abu is my guy. I remember I came over to Malaysia to record my verse in ‘KRU’ and he called me up for dinner. As we ate and talked, I realized that Abu was a true loyal brother to his circle. He’s a classic ride or die.”


According to Abubakarxli’s label, Def Jam South East Asia, the music video directed by Adriana Tunku of Denhouse Productions, is set in the same universe as ‘NiNiNi’ and portrays Abu’s “youthful” and “happy-go-lucky” side.

The clip also features a motorbike, in what may perhaps be a nod to Abubakarxli’s target audience, which Def Jam SEA says includes those in the “rempit” biker subculture.