Watch AC/DC tear through ‘Realize’ in innovative new video

All five members filmed their parts separately, but nifty editing has created the impression of the band playing together

AC/DC have shared the innovative new video for their song ‘Realize’ – you can watch the black-and-white clip below.

Taken from the veteran band’s recent comeback album ‘Power Up’, ‘Realize’ is the latest track to be given the AC/DC visual treatment – although the band evidently had to navigate the coronavirus pandemic in order to film the video.

Directors Clemens Habicht and Josh Cheuse (who serves as the band’s creative director) were able to present the impression of the five members of AC/DC performing ‘Realize’ in the same room together despite the fact that each member filmed their part individually in five separate locations, presumably due to the pandemic.


Habicht led the approach that the filmmakers ultimately took in piecing together the individual footage to create a cohesive visual which feels like AC/DC are all performing in the same room – check out the clip for ‘Realize’ below.

The ‘Realize’ video follows on from the band’s recently released clips for their songs ‘Demon Fire’ and ‘Shot In The Dark’.

‘Power Up’ went to number one in the UK back in November, with the band’s Angus Young thanking fans for their support.

“A very big thank you to everyone who put in their time, effort and creativity to get PWR/UP to Number 1!” he said. “Also a big shout-out to all our fans, old and new. You are, and always have been, our guiding inspiration”


Earlier this week, Young confirmed that AC/DC didn’t write any music with Axl Rose while the Guns N’ Roses frontman stood in for Brian Johnson on their ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour in 2016.

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