Adora drops debut mini-album ‘Adorable REbirth’, led by single ‘Magical Symphony’

The singer-producer's first mini-album drops is finally here

Adora has finally released her debut mini-album, ‘Adorable REbirth’, led by a brand-new single titled ‘Magical Symphony’.

On September 26 at 6pm KST, South Korean producer and singer-songwriter Adora unveiled her debut mini-album ‘Adorable REbirth’, along with the whimsical music video for its title track ‘Magical Symphony’.

In the new visual, Adora enters a vibrant new world through a magical portal, spreading joy to its inhabitants and she skips and dances across the streets. “The chandelier moonlight brightens the night / The lights dancing as their footwork match / A festival made for me / Everything, everything, everything feels like a dream,” she sings in the chorus.


Including ‘Magical Symphony’, the new mini-album comprises a total of nine tracks, with the songs ‘My Guy’, ‘CBGC’, ‘Blue Blue Space’ and ‘Starlight’ now digitally available. Notably, none of the songs, except ‘Magical Symphony’, had been worked on by Adora, who was best known for being a former in-house producer at Big Hit Music prior to her debut as a singer.

The remaining tracks — ‘M.U.D’, ‘Stardust’, ‘1209’ and the instrumental version of ‘Magical Symphony’, all co-composed and written by Adora — are available exclusively on the record’s physical release.

‘Adorable REbirth’ follows a string of stand-alone digital singles dropped by the singer over the span of the past year. Her last music was ‘Trouble? TRAVEL!’ released in June, preceded by March’s ‘The Little Name’ and her November 2021 debut single ‘Make U Dance’, which featured guest vocals from VIVIZ’s Eunha.

adora make u dance review
Adora. Credit: AURA Entertainment

In a glowing four-star review of Adora’s debut track, NME’s Gladys Yeo described the release as an “enchanting but safe first step into the spotlight”, writing: “Having long established her prowess as a songwriter for other artists, one can only hope that Adora will soon find her footing as a soloist in the future.”


In May, the multi-hyphenate shared a special cover mash-up of BTS‘ ‘Spring Day’ and GFRIEND’s ‘Labyrinth’ on YouTube, both of which she had originally co-written during her time as a full-time producer. She was accompanied in her performance by labelmate and singer-songwriter Belle, who was preparing to make her debut at the time.

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