Adora shares whimsical music video for new single ‘Trouble? TRAVEL!’

It marks the former Big Hit producer’s third solo release

Adora has dropped the music video for her new digital single, ‘Trouble? TRAVEL!’.

In the new visual, Adora sleepily awakens to the frantic ringing of an alarm clock in her bedroom. As she’s getting ready for the day, she catches sight of a mysterious pocket watch sitting on her windowsill, which appears to send her to different realms once worn. She’s then spotted walking an empty street as fantastical cartoon animals accompany her on her stroll, with the pocket watch hung around her neck.

‘Trouble? TRAVEL!’ marks the singer and producer’s third digital single, following her March single ‘The Little Name’ and her November 2021 debut solo single ‘Make U Dance’, featuring Eunha of VIVIZ.


Earlier this month, Adora unveiled a special cover medley of BTS‘ ‘Spring Day’ and GFRIEND’s ‘Labyrinth’, both of which she had originally co-written during her time as a producer at Big Hit Music. She was accompanied by labelmate and singer-songwriter Belle, who is preparing to make her debut.

During a livestream following the release of Adora’s debut single last year, TXT members Soobin and Beomgyu praised ADORA for her ability as both a producer and vocalist. “I’ve always thought her voice needs to be heard more. Like, more people have to hear her stuff,” said the vocalist.

In an interview with NME, Adora spoke about finally becoming a singer after years of producing for other artists. “I’ve worked with such amazing artists and staff members who’ve had incredible careers, so I was actually quite afraid of being a burden by entering in as a ‘player’ in the game,” she said.

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