aespa on their musical identity: “It is about embodying uniqueness”

They also spoke about how their virtual counterparts "add a new dimension to our music"

Popular K-pop girl group aespa have shared their thoughts about their unique musical identity and what it means to be “aespa-like”.

The South Korean quartet recently sat down for an interview with Vogue Singaporeduring which they were asked about what it meant for the group to have “its own identity”, with the publication describing it as being “aespa-like”.

“I believe it is about embodying uniqueness, with your personal colours shining through,” said Karina. “I really like the expression ‘aespa-like’ because it sounds like our [own] genre has been created.”


The group later spoke about how aespa is actually an eight-member group, with all four members – Karina, NingNing, Winter and Giselle – having virtual avatar counterparts. Winter noted that this allows the group to “add a new dimension to our music”.

“Sometimes, our avatar members perform instead of us, or sometimes we perform alongside them, and this adds another level of dynamism that differs from when the four of us perform in reality,” she added. “It is our hope that, one day, we can include our avatar members in our concerts.”

aespa are set to make their highly anticipated comeback on October 5 with their first-ever mini-album, ‘Savage’. The record will feature six new tracks, including a lead single of the same name, as well as the Hayley Kiyoko-composed ‘Lucid Dream’.

‘Savage’ will be the group’s third release of the year, following their viral May hit ‘Next Level’ and their February single ‘Forever’.

In a three-star reviewNME’s Ruby C described the group’s remake of ‘Forever’ as one that “manages to do justice to the original, and may even be a little more believable, thanks to aespa’s sweet, girlish charms”.

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