Watch aespa’s powerful music video for new single ‘Girls’

Their sophomore mini-album 'Girls' is out now

K-pop girl group aespa have released a powerful music video for their new single, ‘Girls’.

The music video opens with a shot of a digital city, before it delves deeper into the girl group’s SM Universe lore, with an appearance from the AI character Naevis. Elsewhere in the clip, aespa perform the song’s fierce choreography in futuristic rooms, while also making references to their older title tracks.

“Scream (Get loud), listen (My sound) / Call it (Upgrade), we coming / Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls), and confronting fear, that courage / Whenever we are together, we them girls, we them girls,” aespa sing on the chorus.


‘Girls’ is the title track of aespa’s new mini-album of the same name, which was also released today (July 8). The project also includes two previously released tracks – ‘Illusion’ and the English single ‘Life’s Too Short’, the latter of which premiered at the girl group’s debut Coachella performance earlier this year.

The ‘Girls’ mini-album also includes three of the group’s older singles: ‘Black Mamba’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Dreams Come True’, of which the first two will be released physically for the first time as part of the project.

‘Girls’ will be aespa’s first project of 2022, and is the much-anticipated follow-up to the girl group’s popular debut mini-album ‘Savage’. Last year, the group covered S.E.S.’s ‘Dreams Come True’ for their label SM Entertainment’s winter album ‘2021 Winter SM Town: SMCU Express’.

In other news, aespa recently revealed that ‘Girls’ was initially slated for release a lot earlier, bug was later pushed back in order for more refinements to be made to the songs.  “‘Girls’ was actually supposed to be released in around, like, March or April,” said Giselle.

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