Afgan, A. Nayaka, Kunto Aji on stacked Indonesian line-up for Safe Room virtual concert

The free-to-stream event will seek to raise money for health workers and Indonesians affected by COVID-19

Fourty Indonesian musicians – including the likes of Afgan, .Feast, Kunto Aji and A. Nayaka – are scheduled to perform for an upcoming virtual concert this weekend. Find the full line-up below.

Other acts slated to perform at the event, which is called Safe Room, include Hindia, Lomba Sihir, Rendy Pandugo, Vira Talisa, Mocca, Nadin Amizah, Gamaliél, Efek Rumah Kaca and more. Safe Room will be hosted by popular podcast group Rapot, and is organised by Sun Eater, Wonderland Records, and fundraising organisation Kitabisa Indonesia.

The single-day event will take place on Saturday, July 31. It will be free to stream via the official Kitabisa Indonesia YouTube channel from 7pm WIB, and is expected to last around two hours.


The Safe Room virtual concert aims to entertain Indonesians from the safety of their homes while raising funds for healthcare workers, residents affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the provision of aid to healthcare facilities across Indonesia.

While the event will be free, donations from viewers are encouraged. Donations can be made through scanning QR codes that will flash onscreen during the performances. Donations can also be made here.

For transparency, the event’s organisers have confirmed that information pertaining to the amount of donations raised will be broadcast periodically during the concert.

The lineup for Safe Room is: 

Adhitia Sofyan
Adikara Fardy
Agatha Pricilla
Aldrian Risjad
Arash Buana
Ardhito Pramono
A. Nayaka
Armand Maulana
Bilal Indrajaya
Bisma Karisma
Efek Rumah Kaca
Endah N Rhesa
Gangga Kusuma
Goodnight Electric
Iga Massardi
Isyana Sarasvati
Juang Manyala
Juicy Juicy
Kevin Hugo
Kunto Aji
Lomba Sihir
Mantra Vutura ft. Natasha Udu
Mikha Angelo
Nadin Amizah
Petra Sihombing
Putra Timur ft. Sky Sucahyo
Rayhan Noor
Rayi Putra ft. Laze
Rendy Pandugo
Sade Susanto
Sir Dandy
Teddy Adhitya
Titi Radjo Padmaja
Tuan Tigabelas
Vira Talisa

Indonesia COVID-19 benefit livestream Safe Room Concert Afgan A Nayaka Feast Kunto Aji Nadin Amizah
Credit: Safe Room Concert

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