Afgan announces his new album, ‘Wallflower’

‘Wallflower’ is the Indonesian singer's “first global album”

Indonesian singer Afgan has announced his latest album, ‘Wallflower’.

Set for release on April 9, the album will be his first studio release since 2018’s ‘Dekade’, which collected new and old material as well as reinterpretations of old songs.

Afgan announced ‘Wallflower’ today (March 26) on his Instagram page, where he notes that it will be his “first global album”. The 31-year-old is currently signed to US label EMPIRE.


He wrote, “This album marks a new era for me, not only in my musical journey but also in life. can’t wait to introduce you to my new sound.”

In the post, an animated visual reveals the decision-making process behind the album’s name. “I was looking for words to name the album then I stumbled across ‘Wallflower’,” Afgan wrote.

“I felt like it has a nice ring to it and somehow relate so much with the meaning behind it. It’s a good description of me as a person and by naming the album that kinda helps me owning that part of myself.”

The announcement comes fresh off Afgan’s music video for ‘M.I.A’, his latest single and a collaboration with Jackson Wang. Just yesterday, Afgan revealed that the video reached 3.2 million viewers, celebrating the milestone in a post while hinting at new material.


In February, Afgan made his debut on EMPIRE with the English-language single ‘Say I’m Sorry’. The label also counts Indonesian artist Ramengvrl on its roster, releasing her debut album ‘Can’t Speak English’ last November.

“So many things inspire me. EMPIRE understands what I want and they help me to adapt. I’m so honoured to be able to work with EMPIRE and I can’t wait to show my new songs,” Afgan said of the label.