Afgan celebrates his birthday with new single ‘So Wrong But So Right’

The Indonesian musician's first single of the year

Indonesian R&B star Afgan has released a romantic new single, ‘So Wrong But So Right’.

Released on the singer-songwriter’s 33rd birthday (May 27), the single touches upon the highs of a relationship that isn’t right for either parties involved. Afgan sings: “Bad decisions on the go / We turned them into something beautiful / I should’ve left when I still had the chance“.

Listen to ‘So Wrong But So Right’ below:


The track is Afgan’s first of the year, and his first solo single since the release of his ‘Wallflower’ album in April last year. In late November, Afgan collaborated with producer and DJ Dipha Barus and singer-songwriter Esther Geraldine on the former’s single, ‘Keep It Hush’.

In January, the Indonesian pop star shared his curiosity in exploring “raw,” “minimalist” sounds, as well as more electronic textures, expressing his desire to work with Sabrina Claudio and Kaytranada.

In an interview with NME after the release of his album ‘Wallflower’, he explained his desire to explore beyond his trademark balladry, saying: “I love singing ballads. It gives me a different feeling, you know? But right now, I feel like I’ve done that enough.”

Afgan released his first ‘global’ album ‘Wallflower’ under US label EMPIRE. It featured singles such as ‘Say I’m Sorry’ and ‘M.I.A’, the latter of which featured Jackson Wang. As part of the album’s campaign, he also put out a remix of ‘Touch Me’, a collaboration with Robin Thicke.

Earlier in January, to celebrate 14 years of his career, Afgan also put out several videos of a performance at an empty Jakarta International Stadium, where he sang tracks including ‘Panah Asmara’ and ‘Lenggang Puspita’.