Afgan shares sleek music video for new ‘Touch Me’ remix

A collaboration with Robin Thicke

Indonesian singer-songwriter Afgan has dropped a sleek new music video for his remix of ‘Touch Me’, featuring US-Canadian artist Robin Thicke.

Directed by Shadtoto Prasetio, the video – which dropped on Sunday (September 20) – arrived after the singer had teased the collaboration on social media last week. In an Instagram post, Afgan said the new remix was dedicated to his fans, for “their unconditional support throughout these years”.

The music video features Afgan performing the song behind the wheels of a Ferrari before he joins a female companion to dance in a neon-lit hexagon booth. Watch it below.


The original version of ‘Touch Me’ featured on Afgan’s latest English album ‘Wallflower’. The singer shared that he was “honoured” to have worked with Thicke for the remix, calling the R&B star one of his musical inspirations. “To be able to do a song with him right now is full circle moment for me,” he wrote on Instagram.

In a statement per Out Now Magazine, Afgan said that ‘Touch Me’ carries a dark and sexy beat, and tells the story of physical attraction upon first glance, which triggers a series of feelings.

“Usually, these kinds of messages are hard to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, so this is my first time translating these feelings into a song as I’m now singing in English,” he said.

Released in April, ‘Wallflower’ is Afgan’s sixth studio album. The 10-track album features singles such as ‘Say I’m Sorry’, and collaboration with GOT7’s Jackson Wang in ‘M.I.A’.

Earlier this year, Afgan told NME Asia that the album was named after his favourite movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and his deep connection to the soft-spoken protagonist Charlie, played by Logan Lerman.


“I just relate so much with the main character and felt like my personality had a similar quality with him,” he said.

“I looked up the meaning behind the word [wallflower] and felt like okay, that’s actually a good description of me and I want to own that part of myself.”