Ailee signs with new agency Pop Music following departure from Ravi’s The L1VE

The singer is now labelmates with singer-songwriter Yoo Sang, Clazziquai and rookie girl group CSR

Korean-American singer Ailee has changed agencies following the expiration of her contract with The L1VE last month.

On July 29, The L1VE announced Ailee’s departure from the agency following the expiration of her contract at the end of the month. The singer later took to Instagram to share the news and reveal that she has since signed with a new label, Pop Music.

“Due to the expiration of my exclusive contract with The L1VE, I have wound up transferring agencies. I wanted to tell my fans, who always give me their love and support, before anyone else,” she wrote, per Soompi.


“I will work hard to become an even more mature and cool Ailee at my new agency Pop Music. I sincerely thank my Aileeans [Ailee’s fan base] for always waiting for me and believing in me, and I love you.”

This marks the end of the singer’s one-year partnership with The L1VE. Ailee joined the agency in July 2021 as its first official artist shortly after its founding by VIXX rapper Ravi. She released three projects under the label, the most recent being her first-ever English-language album ‘I’m Lovin’ Amy’ earlier in March.

Her new label Pop Music – a subsidiary of WYSIWYG Studio – has since stated, per Sports Dongah: “We are extremely delighted to be forming a relationship with Ailee. We will be unsparing in our active support so that Ailee can greet the general public through a wider array of fields.”

Besides Ailee, Pop Music is currently home to singer-songwriter Yoo Sang, electro-pop band Clazzquai and rookie girl group CSR.

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