Airliftz and Alex Ungku team up with MFMF. for ’Rindu Part 3’

The final piece in the ‘Rindu’ trilogy from the Malaysian production trio

Malaysian rapper Airliftz and singer-songwriter Alex Ungku have collaborated with Malaysian production trio MFMF. for their latest single, ‘Rindu Part 3’.

The track, which serves as the final entry in the ‘Rindu’ trilogy, was released on streaming platforms last Friday (November 26) and is sung in Bahasa Malaysia, compared to its Korean and Mandarin predecessors.

The track features Airliftz and Alex Ungku trading R&B vocals over melodic instrumentation comprising of keys, guitars, bass and light percussions. The song’s accompanying music video sees each artist singing in a dark room, often changing their positions within the room.


Watch the music video for ‘Rindu Part 3’ below.

“Imagine being trapped in perpetual darkness, and your heart is calling out to someone who you have been longing for, but all you hear are echoes of your own voice within these four walls,” the band said of the song via social media.

In late October, MFMF. collaborated with South Korean musician Jimmy Brown to release the first version of ‘Rindu’, sung entirely in Korean. Two weeks later, the trio followed up the release with its Mandarin counterpart, sung by Gaston and MAD.

‘Rindu Part 3’ serves as the ninth release of the year for the production trio, who collaborated with Korean-American singer-songwriter Annalé, Brazilian guitar maestro Mateus Asato and Filipino singer Inigo Pascual for ‘Goodbye’ in March.


Airliftz, on the other hand, has released three solo singles this year – ‘Lonely’, ‘Love Therapy’ and ‘More Than Friends’. He has also featured on an official remix of A. Nayaka’s ‘Orang Lain’.

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