Akeem Jahat and Marian Carmel share new collaboration, ‘Heartbreak Boulevard’

It's their second collaborative track after 'What Are We', which was released in July and also produced with Soul Dot studio

Singaporean musicians Akeem Jahat and Marian Carmel have teamed up on new song ‘Heartbreak Boulevard’.

The upbeat R&B tune dropped on major streaming platforms today (September 17) and is their second collaborative track after ‘What Are We?’, which was released in July.

Similar to the earlier single, ‘Heartbreak Boulevard’ sees Akeem and Carmel work with Singapore-based production studio Soul Dot.


Carmel wrote the song, they said on Instagram, “about seeing a cute person then wanting to throw [your] life away for them”. Listen to the song below.

In May, Akeem Jahat featured alongside a slew of other Singaporean rappers, including Fariz Jabba, AE$OP CA$H, Frank Loco and YHB Sleepsalot, in a remix of Malaysian hip-hop group FORCEPARKBOIS’ track ‘Lotus’. In March, Akeem dropped the poignant track ‘Hollywoodlands’.

On the other hand, Carmel featured on Singaporean producer and songwriter evanturetime’s single ‘if it’s with you’ alongside Tim De Cotta in late August.

Carmel also recently took to Instagram in excitement after learning that her latest single ‘You Like The Chase’ was featured on a Spotify playlist curated by Lisa of BLACKPINK.