Alena Murang channels inner strength in music video for ‘Warrior Spirit’

Taken off her latest album 'Sky Songs'

Sarawak artist Alena Murang has dropped a music video for her single ‘Warrior Spirit’.

The video, directed by her cousin and frequent collaborator Sarah Lois Dorai, arrived on Thursday evening (May 27).

The styling of the video was inspired by Alena’s Sarawakian cultural heritage and features dozens of traditional dancers performing a delicate routine in a picturesque landscape.


Watch it below.

Alena said the song, taken off her latest album ‘Sky Songs’, touches on inner strength.

“We come from a line of warriors and heroes – my great great great grandfather Balang Nganud was a great warrior, the community called him ‘the Tiger that floats enemies’ heads downriver’,,” she said in a press statement.

“Though we no longer practice that anymore, we inherited their spirit, their courage, their strength; and moreover, the courage to fight together for something greater than ourselves.”

The video also features Murang’s bandmates, Joshua Maran, Jonathan Wong Ketshin, Herman Ramanado and Jimmy Chong, all of whom recorded the track.


Unlike her typically tranquil and downtempo sound that draws on musical traditions from the Kelabit and Kenyah indigenous groups, ‘Warrior Spirit’ carries upbeat rhythms and rock guitar.

The instrumental track was also inspired by a sape (a traditional lute) folk tune which describes a warrior watching the morning mist rising, Murang said.

The video arrives after she released her album ‘Sky Songs’ in April this year. Earlier this month, the album received an International Indigenous Artist – Group Recording of the Year nomination at the Canadian Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards.

Prior to the album, Murang released the single ‘Meno’ with an accompanying music video in January. Last year, she dropped numerous singles, including ‘Pemung Jae’ and ‘Re Lekuah’.

Since releasing her debut EP ‘Flight’ in 2016, Murang has performed at several international festivals such as SXSW (US), Colour of Ostrava (Czeck Republic), Paris Fashion Week (France), OzAsia Festival (Australia), among others.