AleXa says she became a K-pop star to help find her mother’s biological parents

“I'm hoping that, someday, some light gets shed on the situation"

AleXa has shed light on how her mother’s search for her biological family became her motivation to pursue a career as an idol in South Korea.

Earlier this year, while speaking to Korea JoongAng Daily, the Korean-American K-pop singer revealed that her mother had been adopted by a family in the United States at age 5. Since then, her mother has spent years looking for ways to connect with her biological parents.

AleXa has since opened up about the search in a new interview with St. Louis Post-Dispatch, sharing how her mother’s search for her biological parents became a motivation to pursue a career as a K-pop idol in South Korea.


“At the end of the day, the reason I really wanted to pursue being an idol was hoping that one day I become known enough that somewhere [someone will see and think], ‘Oh, we had a daughter who looked like that’,” AleXa shared. She later added that the search for her mother’s biological parents was currently in a “gray area” due to South Korea’s strict adoption laws.

“If the birth parents are not in search of their child, the child has no permission to have any information on the birth parents,” she explained. “We, unfortunately, found out that my mother’s biological mother has not gone searching for her, so we could not get any information provided.”

The idol, however, noted that her mother got linked to at least two cousins through a DNA test. “I’m hoping that, someday, some light gets shed on the situation, but only time will tell,” she added.

AleXa was recently named the first-ever winner of NBC’s inaugural American Song Contest. The idol had represented her home state of Oklahoma, and took home the title song for her original song ‘Wonderland’.

Earlier this year, AleXa made a comeback with her English-language single ‘Tattoo’, which had marked her first music release since her July 2021 single album ‘ReviveR’. That project was led by the single ‘Xtra’, and featured BM of KARD.

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