Alice Cooper has shared a new video for his 1972 track ‘Elected’

"A sickman for a sick nation"

Alice Cooper has shared a new video for his 1972 single ‘Elected’.

The veteran rocker has also shared a host of new presidential merchandise including T-shirts, stickers, and pins that show Cooper holding his own severed head, emblazoned with phrases such as, “A Sickman for a Sick Nation / Wild Party Forever”.

He also revamped his official website around the track with slogans including: “I can do nothing as well as they can do nothing” and “I have absolutely no idea what to do.”


You can watch the new video for ‘Elected’ below.

Last weekend, Cooper confirmed he has partnered with Airbnb for a new event where he will read scary stories to fans ahead of this year’s Halloween.

‘Spooky Story Time with Alice Cooper’ will take place on October 21 at 4pm PT (12am BST).

Speaking about the new event, Cooper said he will “take my penchant for terror to the scariest place I know – the internet”.

Inviting fans to “join me for a kid-friendly spooky story hour,” Cooper added that 100% of proceeds from the event, which costs around £80 per person, will go to childrens’ charity North Star Reach.


Earlier this summer, Cooper stated that he believes that racist police in America need to be “weeded out” in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“To be honest with you, I know a lot of cops,” he added. “I don’t know one racist cop. But I guarantee you that five percent of the police force in every city have got a racial problem. And those are the guys that get all the headlines, because they do all the stupid things.”

He continued: “And I think that’s our problem with the police department. You don’t have a full police department of racists in there; you have maybe a small percentage, and those are the guys that need to be weeded out. I can’t see why we don’t spend the money on getting a committee in every city to weed out the bad guys.”

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