Alice Glass: “SOPHIE was one of those people who was talented at everything”

Glass said it was actually SOPHIE who suggested she put out her latest single, 'Fair Game'

Alice Glass has spoken about her time spent working with late producer SOPHIE, who died almost a year ago to the day during a sudden accident in Athens.

Speaking as part of this week’s NME Big Read, the Canadian singer-songwriter (real name Margaret Osborn) explained how the contemporary pop pioneer was occasionally a sounding board for her upcoming debut solo album, ‘PREY//IV’.

“SOPHIE was one of those people who was talented at everything,” Glass explained. “I’m pretty sure she could play any instrument; pretty intimidating as an artist, but really inspirational.”


Glass, the former frontwoman of electronic duo Crystal Castles, revealed that it was actually SOPHIE who suggested she put out her latest single, ‘Fair Game’.

“We’d hang out and I would always get so nervous to play tracks from my record to her, but she told me she wanted to do a remix for ‘Fair Game’ and actually convinced me to put that single out,” she said. “I appreciated it.”

NME Cover 2022 Alice Glass

Elsewhere during the chat, Glass admitted that she used to steal copies of NME when she was younger growing up in Toronto, Canada.

“I used to steal copies of NME,” she said. “They were like… $13!” she laughed, blaming the exchange rate and high import prices for her thievery.

‘PREY//IV’ arrives on February 16 via Glass’ own label, Eating Glass Records.


She released her solo debut EP ‘Alice Glass’ in 2017, and followed it with a string of singles, including ‘Cease & Desist’ and ‘Mine’. A remixed version of the EP and the single ‘I Trusted You’ on an Adult Swim compilation were released in 2018.

Last August, she released the Jupiter-Keyes produced track ‘NIGHTMARES’ for a compilation by experimental label Sermon 3 Recordings, which marked her first new music in two years.

She departed Crystal Castles in 2014, later sharing that she’d been physically, sexually, and psychologically abused by her former bandmate, Ethan Kath. Kath denied the allegations and launched a defamation lawsuit, which was later dismissed.

In 2020, Glass encouraged fans to stream her solo music, saying she was being “gutted” over royalty payments from music by her former band Crystal Castles.

“Even though it was my life’s work, I DO NOT endorse crystal castles and neither should you. STREAM ALICE GLASS,” she tweeted.