Alisson Shore releases music video for ‘HALAGA’ featuring Because

The Filipino artists collaborate on the single from Shore’s latest album, ‘GARUDA’

Filipino hip-hop/R&B artist Alisson Shore has released the music video for ‘HALAGA’, his collaboration with rapper Because.

The single is taken from Shore’s latest album, ‘GARUDA’, which was released on October 15. The music video for ‘HALAGA’ premiered earlier today (October 28).

The two-minute clip shows Shore growing a pair of black wings as he pleads with a lover over the phone. Later a beat switch changes up the sombre affair and Because appears alongside Shore to deliver his own verse.


Watch the music video for ‘HALAGA’ below.

‘HALAGA’ is the second collaboration between Shore and Because on ‘GARUDA’. The rapper also appeared on the track ‘BETTERMAN’ with guest artists Kiyo and John Roa.

Shore’s latest album was written primarily during the pandemic, where he used the opportunity to focus on songwriting alone.

“In silence, you hear more,” he told recently Inquirer. “In my ‘alone times’, ideas come in. When I’m quiet, I can think of things, like a note or melody.”

‘GARUDA’ marks the debut album of Shore. The name is taken from Vedic mythology, the word translated as “wings”.


Meanwhile, Because recently released the single ‘SMS’. The rapper has released three albums thus far: 2018’s ‘Heartbreak SZN’, 2019’s ‘Rowena’, and 2020’s ‘Heartbreak SZN 2’.