Aman RA urges Malaysians to ‘Stay Negative’ in coronavirus video PSA

"If only we could know social distance can we as a society grow and go the distance"

As Malaysia grapples with a third wave of coronavirus cases, rapper Aman RA has shared a spoken-word video urging his countrymen to ‘Stay Negative’.

On Wednesday (October 14), Aman RA shared the public service announcement, titled ‘Stay Negative (Keramat x Negative PSA)’, which asks Malaysians to observe social distancing as the number of coronavirus cases rises daily.

The rapper, best known for his 2016 single ‘BudakFlat’, noted how the pandemic had affected daily life, such as how staple convenience store 7-Eleven no longer operates around the clock, and how gestures like hugs and handshakes now equate to a “fuck you”.


Paralysis by analysis / Question mark: What the hell is this?” he asks in the video. “If only we could know social distance can we as a society grow and go the distance.”

At the end of the PSA, Aman Ra leaves with listeners with the phrase “to stay positive is to stay negative.”

The PSA notched up thousands of retweets and likes on Twitter. Watch it below:

In recent weeks, Malaysia has begun to record hundreds of daily cases of COVID-19. As a result, some areas have reverted back to the Conditional Control Movement Order (CMCO) restricting interstate travel.


‘Stay Negative’ comes less than a week after Aman RA collaborated with insurance company Great Eastern Takaful to release a single ‘Nyawa Satu Amanah’ (‘Life is a Trust’).

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