Aman RA’s spoken-word tribute to Malaysian delivery drivers in the pandemic goes viral

"Some of 'em were simply born to ride, some of 'em lost their lives"

A spoken-word video by Malaysian rapper Aman RA paying tribute to delivery drivers who have died while working during the pandemic has gone viral.

The video, which was originally uploaded on TikTok, has received over 72,000 likes since it was first posted on Tuesday, April 20. The video was also shared on Aman RA’s Instagram feed and received over 22,000 likes.

The video emphasises the diverse pool of people who are delivery drivers, and highlights the many reasons why people have turned to this work in these lean times, sometimes risking their lives in the process: “Some of ’em, single dads with kids / some of ’em, single moms at the end of their wits / some of ’em need rent money / some of ’em need diapers and milk money.


Watch the video below:


The video ends with headlines about delivery driver deaths in Malaysia, including one that reads “1684 p-hailing riders died during MCO” – referring to the country’s movement control order and Malaysian motorcycle delivery services.

As Juice Online notes, the headline comes from an April 10 Kosmo report, which claimed that over the past year more than two-thirds of the 2,500 motorcyclists that passed away over a nine-month stretch during the MCOs were delivery riders, per an April 9 campaign by Malaysia’s Ministry Of Transport.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Transport issued a statement saying the information had been misinterpreted and was inaccurately reported. It clarified that the two-thirds figure referred to motorcyclists in general, noting that many road users during the MCO were those involved in essential services, which included food delivery.


Aman RA had previously released a spoken word video last October titled ‘Stay Negative (Keramat x Negative PSA)’. The video served as a public service announcement urging his fellow Malaysians to adhere to social distancing rules as the number of coronavirus cases were rising daily in the country.

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