Angel Olsen covers ’60s classic ‘Mr. Lonely’ for ‘Kajillionaire’ film soundtrack – listen

Made with composer Emile Mosseri

Angel Olsen has shared her rendition of ‘Mr. Lonely’, as featured on the soundtrack for Miranda July’s forthcoming film Kajillionaire.

The collaboration with composer Emile Mosseri is a haunting take on the Bobby Vinton classic, which was released in 1964.

After Mosseri and July met and decided to collaborate on the score, Rolling Stone writes, the writer and director contacted Olsen.


“Suddenly there she was,” Olsen said in a statement. “THE MIRANDA JULY in my text messages. She was working on songs with Emile for the upcoming film Kajillionaire, which at the time I knew nothing about. I just so happened to be in Los Angeles. So I met with them both, and we talked about cadence and we talked about life and we talked about the film.

“Miranda directed me to sing the cover in the way she and Emile thought it would represent the feelings behind the film,” she added. “It was a lovely experience. Later, Miranda and I went outside for a little break and we did a little improv with each other. Just us.”

The comedy Kajillionaire stars Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, who portrays a young con artist guided by her parents (Debra Winger, Richard Jenkins) to pull off heists in the hope of becoming “kajillionaire” rich. The film and the soundtrack are released on September 25.

Olsen, meanwhile, recently shared another cover: George Harrison’s ‘Beware of Darkness’.


The US singer-songwriter unveiled a stripped-back version of her 2019 album ‘All Mirrors’ with ‘Whole New Mess’ last month – read the four-star NME review here.

Kajillionaire will be screening as part of the 64th BFI London Film Festival on the 7th October, and on UK general release from 9th October

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