Singaporean pop diva Anita Sarawak reportedly breaks silence to debunk rumours of illness and divorce

The iconic singer disappeared from the public eye in 2011 and has been subject to speculation about her life and health since

Singaporean pop diva Anita Sarawak, who has been out of the public eye since 2011, has reportedly broken her silence to debunk rumours she is ill or divorced.

Today (May 30), Malay Mail reported that Sarawak had contacted lyricist and veteran journalist Roslen Fadzil earlier this month and in the process set the record straight on her health and marriage.

According to Malay Mail, Fadzil said he didn’t ask Sarawak many questions as he wanted to respect her privacy, but could confirm that “the story that people say about Anita like she’s sick, dead and divorced is not true”.


Sarawak reportedly moved to Las Vegas from Kuala Lumpur in 2013 with her husband Mahathir Abdullah. Fadzil said that the singer was with Mahathir at the time of the call, though he did not know where she was calling from. He continued: “Anita’s voice still sounds the same as it did before. She is as cheerful as I knew her to be back then.

“Anita no longer sings these days and has become a full-time housewife,” he claimed. “She spends a lot of time with her preferred activities such as gardening at home.”

Yesterday, Fadzil shared in an Instagram post that he had gotten a call from Sarawak and her husband wishing him a happy Hari Raya. In the caption, he wrote that rumours of Sarawak and her husband separating and of the singer being in poor health are baseless, and called on all parties to respect the couple’s privacy.

Sarawak has been the subject of numerous rumours since she stepped out of public life in 2011, with speculative sightings of Sarawak and rumours of divorce and a cancer diagnosis making tabloid headlines over the years.

Sarawak’s sister, the singer and actress Noor Kumalasari, has fielded questions from the media several times regarding Sarawak. She told a talk show in 2020 that though she doesn’t “get the chance” to talk to her, their eldest sister had recently been in contact with Sarawak and her husband, who were “fine”.


According to Getaran, Sarawak’s foster brother and Bernama editor Shuib Taib said last year that he had heard from the couple for the first time since 2011, with Sarawak and her husband thanking Shuib for a birthday greeting and saying “We miss you”.