Listen to Another Sky’s absorbing new track ‘Sun Seeker’

The latest preview of the four-piece's upcoming EP 'Music For Winter Vol. 1'

Another Sky have shared their latest track ‘Sun Seeker’ – you can listen to the new song below.

The track is the latest preview of the four-piece’s upcoming EP ‘Music For Winter Vol. 1’, which is set for release on January 1, 2021.

Speaking about ‘Sun Seeker’, which you can hear below, Another Sky vocalist and lyricist Catrin Vincent said: “Lyrically, ‘Sun Seeker’ is about being the only one who can say who you are. It’s also about letting things self-destruct and then rebuilding.


“Someone once said they’d tell me when to quit music. This is me saying: I say who I am and I say when I’m done.”

‘Music For Winter Vol. 1’ follows on from the band’s debut album ‘I Slept On The Floor’, which came out back in August.

Recorded, produced and mixed by the band themselves at their south London studio, The Lighthouse, in October 2020, ‘Music For Winter Vol. 1’ consists of a mix of material.

“Some songs are old, some are new, all are entirely collaborative,” Vincent explained recently. “After being kept apart because of the lockdown and writing a bunch of our second album separately, we just wanted to get back into our studio and record.”


Another Sky are currently recording their second full-length album, with plans to release it in 2021. ‘Music For Winter Vol. II’ is also set to be released next winter.