Any Name’s Okay release romantic new single ‘Discovery’

From their upcoming EP 'Leaving Home'

Filipino alternative pop band Any Name’s Okay have released their second single of 2022, ‘Discovery’.

The single, which was released on major streaming platforms on Wednesday (April 20), sees singers Sofia Abrogar and Renzo Lumanog softly marvelling over the things they discover they like in their partners over the course of a relationship.

“There is so much left to be seen / So much to do, and to hear and so much to feel / You are a puzzle with a million small pieces / And I will take the time to get to know them all,” Abrogar sings as the song builds up from quiet reflection to become a rollicking celebration of loving someone.


Listen to Any Name’s Okay’s ‘Discovery’ below.

The band, composed of Abrogar, Lumanog and guitarist Mike Armas, drummer Arvin Olete and bassist Juan Lada, released Tagalog-language single ‘Yugto’ earlier this year in February after a three-year pause due to the pandemic following the release of their 2019 EP ‘All I Feel and See’.

At the time, the band shared in a statement that the single was about “the joy and confidence of commitment,” adding that anime OSTs had influenced the strong rhythm and driving arrangement of the single.

‘Yugto’ was also the band’s first release under Sony Music Philippines, and was the first song to be released from their upcoming six-song EP ‘Leaving Home’, due to be released later this year. The EP will also include ‘Discovery’, but no further details have been shared at this time.


First formed in 2017, Any Name’s Okay launched their debut single ‘Clouds’ in 2018 and followed it up with three more songs – ‘Hawaiian’, ‘Orasan’ and ‘The Sun’.