Architects respond to claims that German music duo copied their album artwork

"I'd like to ask all fans of Architects to leave them in peace"

Architects‘ Dan Searle has responded to the fan-generated backlash that the German music duo OS have received over claims that they copied the band’s artwork.

A number of Architects fans have taken issue with OS this week over the recent video they released for their single ‘Er lebt’ and its alleged similarities to Architects’ ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ album cover, which centred around an astronaut in a church.

Posting on his Instagram Stories yesterday (May 13), Searle urged fans to stop the backlash. [OS] have been getting torn to shreds by fans for their artwork,” he wrote. “I’d like to ask all fans of Architects to leave them in peace. Yes, the artwork is similar but… who cares? Life is too short to care about things like this.


“They’re not getting rich from our concept. They’re not hurting anyone. Let’s channel that outrage to more worthy causes.”

OS also released a statement via their Instagram stories which read: “Dear Architects fans, we can understand your anger. It was never our intention to steal or copy anything from your favourite band. We would like to apologise to you fans from the bottom of our hearts!”

They continued: “Long story short: yes, the idea is a similar one. Yes, Architects’ artwork was also an inspiration. We cannot and do not want to change our ideas about the portrayal of an astronaut, which the new single will be about and who was part of the song from the start.

“The astronaut was the focus for the artwork from the start and we got inspiration from the brainstorming on Pinterest and realised the connection to the Architects’ album photo only late. It is so now!”

The duo went on to address the nature of the backlash they received from a number of Architects fans. “The situation gives you no right to insult us entirely as musicians or people… we are open to constructive criticism and different opinions. We like to talk to you and exchange ideas – but we cannot and will not tolerate such insults… We cannot and will not tolerate or accept cyber bullying.


“…We’re really just a small band from northern Germany, we’re not rockstars… we work in normal jobs and just love making music. Our work and our music should generally underline that we enjoy what we do and that we don’t consciously want to copy and have not done in the past.”

Architects recently brought their latest album to Abbey Road Studios with the help of an orchestra to perform ‘Animals’. The track appears on the band’s album ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’, which topped the charts upon its release in February.

The band will be headlining London’s new ALT+LDN festival this August, before heading out on a UK arena tour next February.

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