Architects’ Sam Carter has written a children’s book about his dog

The frontman and his fiancé penned the story to give a voice to young people who have been through the adoption and foster care system

Architects frontman Sam Carter has revealed that he and his fiancé Abby Kirk have written a children’s book about their fox dog Sophia.

Sophia Fox Dog Gets Adopted aims to educate children on what foster dogs go through before they find their forever homes, while also giving a voice to young people who may have been through adoption and foster care themselves.

“I’m so extremely excited to announce that myself and my fiancé have written a children’s book starring none other than Sophia,” Carter said in a statement. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so stoked that we’re doing it!”


He continued: “Sophia Fox Dog Gets Adopted was written by Sam Carter and Abby Kirk when Abby was working in a school with many children who had been in foster care or through the adoption process. They realised that their stories were largely not represented in childrens books and wanted to write a book for the class to show that their stories were important too.

“The story also aims to teach children to think about what rescue dogs may have gone through in the past before finding their adoptive families.”

In addition to the book, the pair are also selling a Sophia plushie and a signed card from Carter and Kirk, and a paw print from Sophia.

Due out tomorrow (April 15), you can purchase the book and plushie here.

A large portion of the proceeds will go to Wunder Dog Rescue and Romanian Rescue Appeal to “help more dogs like Sophia find their forever families”.


Meanwhile, Architects have voiced their support for the Music Venue Trust and Music Declares Emergency’s campaign for music fans to #GoLocal during this month’s Earth Day.

The two organisations are asking people to #GoLocal on April 22 by attending a gig in their hometown, and to either walk, cycle or use public transport to go to and from music venues.

Frontman Sam Carter, who is also an ambassador for the marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd, has backed the campaign.

“This Earth Day I would like to encourage you to #GoLocal to see some live music, and when you do, why not take a nice walk or cycle to get there instead of a taxi or driving,” he said in a statement. “That way you’re helping the environment, and also you’re helping yourself and your body! If you’re not able to do that, how about taking some form of public transport to lower your footprint?

“By going local like this, you are doing your bit for local venues and the environment.”

You can find out more information about the Music Venue Trust here and Music Declares Emergency here.

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