Ardhito Pramono announces July concert and new single, ‘Wijaya Kusuma’

The Indonesian singer-songwriter will debut new music from his upcoming album at the Jakarta concert

Indonesian singer and actor Ardhito Pramono has announced a new concert, set to take place in July, and the new single ‘Wijaya Kusuma’.

Ardhito took to social media to announce the concert, which shares a name with the song, on Monday (June 20). It will take place on July 14 at the Bengkel Space SCBD in Jakarta.


The concert will see Ardhitor debut new material from his upcoming album, including the upcoming single ‘Wijaya Kusuma’. Tickets to the concert are currently on sale for IDR300,000. Get your tickets here.

‘Wijaya Kusuma’ is the title track for his upcoming album, which is currently in production. A release date for the single has yet to be announced. The song is inspired by the plant also known as the fishbone cactus, Ardhito said, which is said to have been sought after by royalty as it was believed to have the power to resurrect the dead.

Ardhito Pramono resurfaced on social media earlier this month following a drug-related arrest in January and a six-month stint in rehab. “Forgive my past mistakes. Perhaps most of my friends are disappointed, reading the news at the beginning of 2022. However, I have lived the consequences of the bad things I have done,” he wrote on Instagram.

The musician was arrested on January 12 for alleged possession and consumption of marijuana, which is classified as a Type 1 drug in Indonesia, and underwent a six-month rehabilitation programme.

Following his solo ‘Wijaya Kusuma’ concert, the Indonesian musician is next slated to perform at the Bigu Festival in Jakarta on July 15 and 16 alongside Yura Yunita, Basboi, Hindia and more.