Ardhito Pramono breaks social media silence with statement on rehab after drug-related arrest

The Indonesian musician was arrested in January on drug charges and entered a six-month rehabilitation programme

Indonesian singer and actor Ardhito Pramono has resurfaced on social media for the first time since December, sharing about his stint in rehabilitation following his arrest on drug charges in January.

In his first post on social media since his arrest in January, the singer commented on his six-month-long rehabilitation process undertaken at East Jakarta’s Drug Addiction Hospital following the results of an assessment by the National Narcotics Board.

“Forgive my past mistakes. Perhaps most of my friends are disappointed, reading the news at the beginning of 2022. However, I have lived the consequences of the bad things I have done,” Ardhito reflected in the post.


Ardhito then concluded his statement with apologies and pleas for forgiveness, voicing a hope to return to his work.

The post was greeted with supportive comments from Ardhito’s peers in the music community, including Rendy Pandugo, Romantic Echoes, Ari Lesmana of Fourtwnty, Pamungkas, Dipha Barus and many more. See it below:

The singer and actor was arrested on January 12 for alleged possession and consumption of marijuana. Strictly illegal in Indonesia, marijuana is classified as a Type 1 drug alongside cocaine and methamphetamine. Ardhito was charged under Article 127, Paragraph 1 of Law Number 35 of 2009 – which carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

Upon his arrest, the singer issued a public apology and said he would enter a six-month rehabilitation programme. “I appeal to my fans and to all Indonesians, stay away from drugs as we all want to be health. Using drugs will have a huge impact on our health,” Pramono said upon his arrest.

The musician’s most recent single was ‘Masa Masa’, which he released last November with Erwin Gutawa.