Aria Baron, former guitarist of Indonesian rock band Gigi, has died

Two weeks after the band called for blood plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors for the musician

Aria Baron, the former guitarist of Indonesian rock band Gigi, has died.

The band took to Instagram today (June 29) to confirm that Aria passed at 10:15am today (June 29) in the hospital while he was receiving treatment. His cause of death has not been publicly revealed by the band, although reports from CNN Indonesia and CNBC Indonesia state he passed after being treated for COVID-19.

The news comes two weeks after Gigi called publicly for COVID-19 survivors to donate blood plasma to Aria.

Billboard Indonesia’s editor-in-chief, Adib Hidayat, also corroborated the news on Twitter earlier today after receiving confirmation from the band’s bassist, Thomas Ramdhan.

On June 15, Gigi made an appeal on Instagram for blood plasma donations for Aria. Donors must have recovered from COVID-19 and have B+ blood type, they said. Donors were also required to test negative for the virus and show no symptoms three months after recovery.

Fans of Gigi have since taken to social media to share their condolences.

Aria Baron joined the band in 1994 before leaving the following year to further his education. He reportedly later returned to help manage the band.

Gigi revealed earlier this month that Ramdhan is also currently battling an undisclosed illness.

Gigi were founded in 1994 in Bandung, Indonesia by vocalist Armand Maulana and guitarist/chief songwriter Dewa Budjana. The band have since released 15 albums, and are currently signed to Indonesian label Demajors.