Ariana Grande fan spots subtle tributes to Mac Miller on ‘Positions’

Did you notice the nods?

Ariana Grande fans have clocked what they believe to be a subtle tribute to Mac Miller on the pop star’s recent album ‘Positions’.

The singer released her sixth studio effort last month (October 30) following on from 2019’s ‘Thank U, Next’.

TikTok user Maralee Bell has since shared a video in which she highlights a “hidden reference” to the late rapper Miller, who dated Grande for two years before they split in 2018.


She claims that the record’s title track features the sound of crickets when the star sings the line, “Heaven sent you to me”, with the same effect appearing on ‘Just Like Magic’ as Grande delivers the lyrics, “Take my pen and write some love letters to heaven”.


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♬ positions – Ariana Grande


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♬ pov – Ariana Grande

It’s suggested that this is a subtle nod to Miller and his unreleased track ‘Crickets’.

In a follow-up video, Bell also points out that a chord progression in ‘Positions’ cut ‘Obvious’ is the same as that heard in Miller’s ‘Come Back To Earth’, which features on his 2018 album ‘Swimming’.

The clips have collectively clocked up over 500,000 ‘likes’ on TikTok, with many fans posting the theories to Twitter and beyond. You can see both videos above.


Miller passed away in September 2018 at the age of 26 following an accidental overdose.

Back in January, the producer of Miller’s posthumous album ‘Circles’ said he believed Grande’s vocals made a secret appearance on the record. It came amid speculation that the singer could be heard on the song ‘I Can See’.

Grande looked back on the rapper’s passion for music earlier this year, saying she believed “nothing mattered more to him than music, ever”.

“He was the kind of person who woke up, tumbled out of bed [and] into the studio next door. Nothing was more important,” she remembered.

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