Armi Millare collaborates with Norwegian band D’Sound for new track ‘Run For Cover’

The UDD frontwoman marks her third collaborative project with them

Armi Millare of UDD has collaborated with Norwegian trio D’Sound on a new track titled ‘Run For Cover’.

Released today (November 12) on digital platforms, the single addresses a relationship that’s about to fall apart.

As Millare sings in the chorus, she pleads for another chance: “Maybe we could try just one more time / Take a few steps back and make it right  / Something tells me it’s not over / Maybe we could run for cover now”. A music video for the single is scheduled to launch on tonight at 7pm PHT.


Listen to ‘Run For Cover’ below:


‘Run For Cover’ is the artists’ third collaborative single together. The tune is set to appear in D’Sound’s forthcoming 25th-anniversary album ‘25’, slated for release on January 22. Millare and D’Sound – with Kim Ofstad and Jonny Sjo – worked with Morten Gillebo to write and produce the piece.

The Norwegian outfit shared that this collaboration is “important both musically and personally” for them, per Bandwagon.

While working on the project in Oslo, they recalled that Millare was “on fire” as she penned the track. “The cool thing about working with Armi is that she is constantly thinking ahead, producing, writing and arranging on the spot!” they said.


The duo added that Millare triggers the original D’Sound vibe and that her lyrics are both “comforting” and “uplifting”.

In 2018, the UDD vocalist first teamed up with D’Sound for the track ‘Lykkelig’. Their next project ‘Somewhere In Between’ arrived a year after.

D’Sound was formed in 1993 and consists of vocalist Mirjam Omdal, bassist Jonny Sjo and drummer Kim Ofstad