Armi Millare of UDD releases moving solo single ‘Into The Clear’

A follow-up to her single 'Two Worlds', released in May

Filipino singer-songwriter and UDD vocalist Armi Millare has dropped a new, emotional single ‘Into The Clear’.

Never been this isolated,” Millare sings over plaintive strings arranged and played by Malek Lopez and Patrick John Espanto. “Tell me, are we really this forsaken? / Demanding answers, ’cause I’ve been praying.”

Millare wrote and produced the track. It also received an animated video treatment by Una Buendia, which premiered on YouTube on November 21, the day after the song was released. Watch it here:


“I hope you find a semblance of peace in [‘Into The Clear’] the way I have for a couple of months as I privately held on to it. Now it belongs to you,” Millare told her fans in an Instagram post.

‘Into The Clear’ is the second solo release from Millare this year.

Millare, who is also the vocalist of indie rock band UDD (formerly known as Up Dharma Down), released her second solo single ‘Two Worlds’ in May.

The single was co-written and produced by Kim Ofstad and Magnus Martinsen, of the Norwegian band D’Sound. It was also Millare’s first single with English lyrics.


Millare has released four full-length albums with UDD, the latest being their 2019 self-titled record.