Armi Millare releases new single ‘Take Me’ under Munro moniker

It’s Millare’s first new release since she revealed her departure from UDD on Boxing Day 2021

Armi Millare has released ‘Take Me’, a new single under the moniker Munro and her first release since announcing her departure from UDD

Yesterday (November 3), the singer-songwriter surprise-released the track as a video posted to her official YouTube channel. The clip features re-edited footage from House of Flames, a 1979 short film by Japanese director Kihachiro Kawamoto, set to the song.

The minimally arranged track itself finds Millare singing over layers of accompanying harmonies, before dramatic bass drums and flourishes from a Japanese koto (zither) are introduced.


Watch the dramatic clip below:

In a statement posted to her Instagram account today (November 4), Millare revealed that she wrote ‘Take Me’ in 2013 and has performed it live since then. She stated that Munro is a project that dates back as early as 2009, and was developed to “appease a side to me that I felt, couldn’t live her life the way she ought to, mostly a life imitating art, stuck in reality”.

She expressed that though Munro had toured locations as far as Singapore and Vietnam, she ultimately put the project on hold for nine years until the release of ‘Take Me’. “Those were exciting times,” the artist said, “but my heart, as fiery as it was, was frail and could easily be watered down.”

‘Take Me’ is only available on Millare’s YouTube channel at present. An official release on streaming platforms and future plans under the Munro moniker have yet to be confirmed.


On Boxing Day 2021, UDD and Millare announced that the two entities would be parting ways, with the latter revealing that the separation had been in effect since June 2021. In an interview with NME following her departure, the OPM veteran alluded to the pressure of fronting a band and irreconcilable differences as reasons for the split.

“I felt isolated, and at the same time, I understood why I was. I thought the decision to walk away was the best thing I could’ve done,” she explained. “We’ve had many good years, and I gave everything I could. I’m sure the boys did, too.” The remaining members of UDD have continued with the band under their current label, Terno Recordings.

UDD began as Up Dharma Down, releasing their debut album ‘Fragmented’ in 2006. They released two more albums under that name, namely 2009’s ‘Bipolar’ and 2012’s ‘Capacities’, before rebranding as UDD and releasing a self-titled LP in 2019. Future releases from the current trio have yet to be revealed.

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