Aspidistrafly break a decade-long silence with hypnotic new single ‘The Voice Of Flowers’

The Singaporean folk duo have announced their third album, ‘Altar Of Dreams’

Singaporean folk act Aspidistrafly have made their comeback with the release of new single ‘The Voice Of Flowers’ – their first song in 10 years and first taste of their third album ‘Altar Of Dreams’. Find the record’s tracklist and artwork below.

Arriving today (December 3) on KITCHEN. LABEL, the label the duo founded, the five-minute track mesmerises with its soundbed of piano, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, not to mention a string quartet.

‘The Voice Of Flowers’ features contributions from KITCHEN. LABEL artist Haruka Nakamura, Kyo Ichinose and wind instrumentalist ARAKI Shin.


Watch the dreamlike music video for ‘The Voice Of Flowers’ below:

The new song is the first to be released from Aspidistrafly’s third album ‘Altar Of Dreams’. The nine-track record is April Lee and Ricks Ang’s follow-up to 2011’s ‘A Little Fable’, and is scheduled to arrive on February 25, 2022.

Apart from digital streaming, physical copies of the album will also be made available in LP, CD and cassette tape format. Find more details here.

Aspidistrafly formed in 2003 and after self-releasing two EPs, dropped their debut album ‘I Hold A Wish For You’ in 2008. They followed this up three years later with the sophomore album ‘A Little Fable’. They have toured Asia, including Seoul and Tokyo.


Aspidistrafly new album Altar of Dreams single The Voice Of Flowers
The album cover of Aspidistrafly’s ‘Altar Of Dreams’ (2022)

The tracklist for Aspidistrafly’s ‘Altar Of Dreams’ is:

  1. ‘How to Find a Marblewing’
  2. ‘The Voice of Flowers’
  3. ‘Interlude: Chrysalises and Larvae’
  4. ‘Companion to Owls’
  5. ‘Moonmilk’
  6. ‘Interlude: A Ceremonial Ode’
  7. ‘Altar of Dreams’
  8. ‘Silk and Satins’ featuring SUGAI KEN
  9. ‘Quintessence’