Hear Astronauts’ emotional new single ‘LMI’ featuring Disco Hue’s Sherlyn Veronica

The Singaporean band's latest single arrives ahead of their upcoming EP

Singaporean R&B/funk group Astronauts have teamed up with Disco Hue’s frontwoman Sherlyn Veronica for an emotional new single ‘LMI’.

‘LMI’, which is an abbreviation for ‘Let Me Inside’, is the fourth track taken off Astronauts’ upcoming sophomore EP. According to the group, the song covers a strained relationship and the need to resolve the problems at hand.

Bassist Benjamin Mah described the song as “a little cheeky”, saying that it was the “first time we’ve written about the struggles of love like this”. “As it came together, we knew it had to be a duet and it brought the record to a whole new level,” he added in a press statement. “Collaborations are at the heart of 2021 for us.”


Listen to ‘LMI’ below.

‘LMI’ was produced by shaykhandbake, who had previously worked with other Singaporean acts like Tabitha Nauser, Gareth Fernandez and Ffion. The song also marks Astronauts’ first single of 2021, after releasing a slew of tracks in the last two years: In 2019 they released the double single ‘Come Callin” and ‘No Pretense’ which were later followed up with ‘Could U’ in 2020.

‘LMI’ is set to receive a music video featuring members of the local dance community. The video clip was made in collaboration with Singaporean dancer and videographer Darren Choy.

“Dance will always be closely tied to the music we create. We’re excited to help bring the two scenes in Singapore even closer with this release,” Astronauts frontman Ben Jacob Lee said.


Astronauts’ as-yet-untitled second EP is expected to drop sometime later this year, though an official release date has not yet been confirmed. It will follow their debut release, ‘ONE’, which arrived in 2018.