ATEEZ stage a coup in dystopian music video for ‘Guerrilla’

The K-pop group's new album 'The World Ep 1: Movement' is out now

ATEEZ have returned with the single ‘Guerrilla’, the lead single off their newly released album ‘The World Ep 1: Movement’.

The K-pop boyband released the seven-track record on July 29 alongside a video treatment for the album’s title track, ‘Guerrilla’. In the visual, a group of unidentified men work on a spherical device on a rooftop overlooking the skyline of a dystopian city as massive silver blimps fly overhead.

One of the men begins ripping off his mask, revealing himself to be Hongjoong in disguise. The members of ATEEZ then come together to stage a coup against the city’s authorities. “Dance, break that wall with our feel / Spread it out, guerrilla / This is how we shout / Loudly, keep it loud / Until everyone opens their eyes,” they belt in the chorus.


Aside from ‘Guerrilla’, ATEEZ’s new album features six brand-new tracks, all of which were co-written by members Hongjoong and Mingi, save opening track ‘Propaganda’.

‘The World Ep.1: Movement’ marks ATEEZ’s first domestic comeback since last December’s ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’, which was the final instalment of their previous four-part album series. That record spawned the singles ‘Turbulence’ and ‘The Real’. It also marks the first instalment of ATEEZ’s brand-new ‘The World’ series, which follows their previous ‘Treasure’ and ‘Fever’ series.

ATEEZ are set to perform at this year’s KCON Los Angeles concert, the K-pop festival’s highly anticipated return to in-person events after over two years of online concerts. A celebration of the convention’s 10th anniversary, this year’s KCON LA will take place from August 19 to 21 at the Arena and the LA Convention Center.

In other K-pop news, BLACKPINK have dropped the music video for their new special single ‘Ready For Love’, which was released as part of the quartet’s ongoing collaboration with PUBG Mobile. The song first debuted on July 23 and 24 via PUBG’s in-game concert ‘THE VIRTUAL’.