B.I is lovesick in dreamy music video for ‘Cosmos’

The former iKON member's new "half album" 'Cosmos' is out now

B.I has returned with his new “half album” titled ‘Cosmos’, featuring a lead single of the same name.

The seven-track record dropped on November 11 at 6pm KST, alongside an idyllic music video for its title track, ‘Cosmos’. In the video, B.I goes about his day in a utopia-like city, frequently coming across different kinds of love, which transports him to idealistic worlds.

“You are my cosmos / My universe / Don’t close that shine that make you hard to stare at / You are my cosmos / My universe / Don’t fall like the petals on a flower,” he serenades sweetly in the chorus.


The ‘Cosmos’ “half album” features six other songs aside from its lead single, including a collaboration track with K-R&B singer Colde on ‘Nerd’. In a comeback trailer that dropped last month, the record is said to explore “the love that makes me dream about eternity and to give everything without anything in return”.

‘Cosmos’ marks the singer’s first project since the release of his debut solo album ‘Waterfall’ earlier in June. The 12-track full-length record was entirely co-written by the former iKON member, and included collaborations with K-pop vocalist Lee Hi (on ‘Daydream’) and rapper Tablo of Epik High (on ‘Stay’).

Earlier this month, B.I had performed at his first-ever solo online concert ‘131 Live Presents: B.I First Online Concert’. Held on October 2, the show featured a myriad of guest appearance by artists including American musician Pink Sweat$, Indonesian singer Afgan and South Korean hip-hop trio Epik High.