Baby Queen shares new single with MAY-A, ‘American Dream’

"It's essentially a song about a childlike crush"

Baby Queen has shared a new collaboration with emerging Australian artist MAY-A – listen to ‘American Dream’ below.

The song is taken from Baby Queen’s upcoming 10-track mixtape project, ‘The Yearbook’, which is set for release on September 3.

Speaking about her latest track, which follows recent singles ‘Dover Beach’ and ‘Raw Thoughts’, Baby Queen – aka Bella Latham – said: “This song compares a childlike infatuation with the idea of the American dream, which in hindsight is a bit of a fallacy, but there were people that did get to experience it and reach the prosperity they’d heard about.”


She continued: “I’m really into manifestation – not in a spiritual way, just in a very practical sense. I think if you put all your energy into something by talking about it all the time or thinking about it, the course of your life will naturally bend towards that thing.

“This song is me manifesting my dream to be with a certain person. It’s essentially a song about a childlike crush you are cheeky enough to plan out inside your own head.”

Her collaborator on the track MAY-A, added: “This song is super fun to be a part of. Bella and I were talking online for a bit about music. I was a big fan of her song ‘Want Me’, so I feel really psyched that she wanted to bring me on to this track. It’s a fun one to sing!”

Speaking about her upcoming mixtape, Baby Queen added: “It’s important to be able to capture a full range of emotion. I want the listener to feel like they’re on the top of a London bus, travelling through a city they’ve moved to for the very first time, seeing the world through new eyes.


“It’s an American coming-of-age film. It feels confusing, happy, free, lonely… all of these things you go through when you are growing up”

A statement added that the songs are “born from personal experiences she has chosen to keep under wraps for years. Taking us as far back as 2018, they’re her most diaristic work to date, chronicling her coming-of-age”.

See the tracklist for ‘The Yearbook’ below:

01. ‘Baby Kingdom’
02. ‘Raw Thoughts’
03. ‘You Shaped Hole’
04. ‘American Dream’ feat. MAY-A
05. ‘Narcissist’
06. ‘Dover Beach’
07. ‘Dover Beach Pt. 2’
08. ‘These Drugs’
09. ‘Fake Believe’
10. ‘I’m A Mess’