BAE173 on new mini-album ‘Intersection: Trace’: “We want to show our growth”

“It's us trying to show our spectrum of music”

BAE173 have revealed the inspiration behind their sophomore mini-album, ‘Intersection: Trace’.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, the rookie boyband talked about the inspiration behind their most recent release, how it relates to their debut project ‘Intersection: Spark’ their goals and more.

The group revealed that they were trying to showcase the “spectrum of [their] music” on ‘Intersection: Trace’, which features the title track ‘Loved You’. “For this album, we want to show that we have grown up a little bit. We want to show our growth,” member J-Min explained.


In contrast to the loved-up vibe of their debut single ‘Crush On U’, ‘Loved You’ is about break-ups, heartache and “how we missed [the feeling of being in] love”, member Dohyun noted.

“People go through break-ups all the time and go through mixed emotions. We want people to be able to say they are okay, even while going through that process,” J-Min added, saying that he thinks both concepts fits the band “really well”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the BAE173 also spoke about their musical inspirations. The group’s members cited fellow K-pop acts such as Big Bang, BTS and MONSTA X, alongside popular Western artists like The Beatles.