Basboi daydreams about money in the music video for ‘CHING’

The musician parodies commercials for instant noodles

Indonesian hip-hop/R&B musician Basboi has released a music video for his latest single, ‘CHING’.

The single, and its accompanying music video, was released last Friday (April 16). In the clip, Basboi dreams about money while watching TV, ultimately picturing himself in a string of TV commercials that promotes instant noodles and bottled drinks.

Yeah it would be nice to have a Lambo / Icy chain, bitches, and top floor condo / when I got it all, is it enough though?” he wonders over a catchy melody inspired by keroncong music.


Watch the music video for Basboi’s ‘CHING’ below.

Released to mark the month of Ramadan, ‘CHING’ was produced by Basboi’s frequent collaborator Panji Wisnu. It will be the last single from the Indonesian artist before his debut album arrives this June.

Basboi bursted onto the scene in 2019 with the EP ‘Fresh Graduate’. Following the release, he dropped a string of singles in 2020, which included ‘Make Me Proud’, ‘Where You From/Where You At?’ and ‘Happy Birthday’. Earlier this year, Basboi also released another single called ‘Come Over (I’m In Tresno)’.

Last month, Basboi collaborated with fellow rapper BAP. to release a two-track project titled ‘Songs To Begal To’. The project, per a press release, serves as an antithesis to the current global climate, and touches on both artists’ financial, physical, and mental state.

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