Listen to Bastille’s sci-fi-inspired new single ‘Give Me The Future’

"It’s us crash landing in the future"

Bastille have shared a new track called ‘Give Me The Future’ – you can listen to it below.

Dan Smith and co. returned last month with the single ‘Distorted Light Beam’ after signaling the start of their next era online with a series of futuristic teasers.

Delving further into a sci-fi world, the band have now shared the ’80s-inspired ‘Give Me The Future’, which bears a resemblance to Phil Collins‘ classic hit ‘In The Air Tonight’.


So give me the future, it’s golden and bright/ Catch a fever dream in the flash of thе lights/ Now nothing is certain, and the song isn’t done/ Thе new melodies rise up with the sun/ Give me the future“, Smith sings in the chorus.

Speaking about the track, the frontman explained that it’s “about plugging into endless possibilities”, adding: “Literally, feels like everything is out there for the taking, all tastes catered for.”

He continued: “The spaceship sound at the start? It’s us crash landing in the future. The reality we live in at the moment was the science fiction of not that long ago. Take a film like Minority Report. The technology in that seemed so far off, a fantasy.

“But it’s here, we’re way beyond it already. Had someone told you that 20 years ago, when the film came out… you’d have laughed. Or been terrified.”

‘Give Me The Future’ comes ahead of Bastille’s headline performance at Latitude 2021 next week, which follows a top-billing appearance at Standon Calling.


The band’s latest studio album, ‘Doom Days’, came out in 2019. They released the surprise ‘Goosebumps’ EP last December before their film ReOrchestrated arrived in February.

Speaking to NME about the latter project, Dan Smith explained that the process of creating the documentary – directed by Tom Middleton and Toby L – gave the group the confidence to keep pursuing a different creative path.

“It’s allowed me to lean into the different sounds we want to make,” he said, “and not worry about trying to do everything at once, and understand that there could be a point where we go in one direction, but that’s not going to be forever.”