Bastille share video for ‘Hope For The Future’

The single features in the upcoming documentary 'From Devil's Breath'

Bastille have shared the video for their single ‘Hope For The Future’.

The track, which appears on the expanded edition of their recent album ‘Give Me The Future’, was written for the end credits of Orlando Von Einsiedel’s upcoming climate emergency documentary From Devil’s Breath. 

Van Einsiedel also directed the music video for ‘Hope For The Future’, which was filmed in Bastille frontman Dan Smith’s London home and interlaced with shots from the documentary itself.


“I was given the chance to watch From Devil’s Breath a while back, and was really moved by the incredibly powerful story that Orlando Von Einsiedel and the team have woven together,” said Smith.

“It’s a heart-breaking story that’s beautifully told, so when they asked me to write a song for the end credits, it seemed important to make something that felt intimate, but also struck a balance between the more poignant elements of these people’s stories and the hope that the film ultimately gestures towards.”

He continued: “When we discussed making a video for ‘Hope For The Future,’ we all felt that it should be something simple that wouldn’t get in the way of the film and its story. I didn’t think we’d be lucky enough to make it with Orlando, [producer] Chloe Leland, and the team who made the film itself, which has been such a privilege.”

“Orlando’s idea was to make the performance feel like it sat right within the world of the film, helping to re-tell the story in this shorter form. So, we shot the video in my house, sat around the kitchen in the room where I write, projecting footage onto the walls, and intercut this with moments from the film. It was so brilliant to be able to work with them all, and we’re really proud of the video we’ve been able to make with them.”

You can watch the video below:


Van Einsiedel added: “Music is such an integral part of film-making. It helps shape our emotional responses, offers us space to reflect, and helps give our memories of a film longevity. Dan’s hauntingly beautiful song ‘Hope for the Future’ conveys the trauma of loss that scars communities forever, and the difficult journey of remembrance and rebuilding that the people in our film navigate every day.

“With the music video, we wanted to create something that spoke authentically to the origin story of the song, something which was expressive of how and why it was written.”

Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, From Devil’s Breath tells the story of survivors and activists coming to terms with the impact and aftermath of the deadly wildfires that ravaged Portugal in 2017. It will premiere with MSNBC on November 13.

Elsewhere, Bastille recently announced they will be touring next June and July to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album ‘Bad Blood’. You can buy your tickets here.