Bawal Clan and Owfuck release bloodstained music video for ‘LaPain’

From the Filipino hip-hop groups' collaborative 2020 album 'Ligtas'

Filipino hip-hop collectives Bawal Clan and Owfuck have just released a music video for their track ‘LaPain’.

The track is a collaboration between Bawal Clan and Owfuck, and is featured on their first collaborative album ‘Ligtas’, which was released last year and landed on NME‘s best Asian albums of 2020.

‘LaPain’ features Bawal Clan’s OJ River, Nuevo, DZ SVG, as well as Owfuck’s Astro, Lexus and Paul Cassimir. Its striking video, directed by Gian Mawo, features the rappers interacting with a series of characters, all soaked in blood and either adrift or confined.


Watch it below:

The ‘LaPain’ video is the first music video to emerge from ‘Ligtas’, following a few lyric videos released last year.

‘Ligtas’ was NME‘s ninth best Asian album of 2020. “It bulldozes through the genre’s penchant for bigging up success, revealing in the debris the cost of delirium and materialism,” wrote NME‘s MC Galang. “Bawal Clan and Owfuck deliver aspirational rap grounded in dim reality: music that’s jaded and feverishly impatient at the same time.”

“The whole vibe of the project is about collaborating and working together towards a common goal, overcoming whatever obstacles you come across and just getting that bag,” Bawal Clan’s Lex Luthoor told last year.


Since releasing ‘Ligtas’, Bawal Clan have followed up with the two-track ‘FUCK 12’ EP and the track ‘Bangungot’, and Owfuck have dropped ‘Problema’.

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