Bawal Clan announce new album, ‘Tales From Tha Crypt, Vol. 1’

The Filipino rap crew will launch the 10-track release with listening parties in real life and the metaverse

Filipino rap crew Bawal Clan have announced a new album, ‘Tales From Tha Crypt, Vol. 1’ which they will launch with listening parties in real life and the metaverse.

The album – due for release on all major streaming platforms on Friday (April 29) – can first be heard via an invite-only listening party at 8pm today at Seltsam in Makati.

Fans who are unable to attend the private listening party will next be able to preview the record through the metaverse at Club Love in Decentraland on Saturday (April 30) at 9am Philippines time.


The live and metaverse listening party will also include sets from Yung Bawal, Like Animals and Kylo X, alongside “special performances” from guests who’ve yet to be revealed.

‘Tales From Tha Crypt, Vol. 1’ will feature the group’s newest member AGENT2K, who will appear on the tracks ‘Sturdy1’ and ‘Yes!’. The album – which consists of 10 tracks – will also feature the previously released single, ‘Big Fat’. Head producer Yung Bawal described the album as “a mix of old songs and new ones that all have their own vibe”.

“I just want to let people hear music that we’ve been making and it’s on them to make their own interpretations on it, based on what resonates or what doesn’t. I know not everyone is gonna like everything we make as everyone has their own personal taste. Art is art and is supposed to be open for interpretation, everyone hears and sees things differently.”

Prior to ‘Big Fat’, Bawal Clan most recently released the single ‘Bangungot’ in October 2020. Earlier that same year, they released the two-track EP ‘FUCK 12’ in September and the acclaimed collaborative album ‘Ligtas’ with Owfuck in May. That record was named one of NME’s best Asian albums of 2020.


To further commemorate the release of ‘Tales From Tha Crypt, Vol. 1’, Bawal Clan are also releasing a limited NFT (non-fungible token) in the form of a hoodie that can be ‘worn’ in the metaverse. The NFT will only be available to those who attend the real-life listening party or the metaverse launch party.

Yung Bawal elaborated on Bawal Clan’s future with NFTs via a press release: “We have solo projects from each member that we’ve been working on, and as for more projects with web3, we definitely plan on doing more and will be brainstorming ideas together.”

The tracklist of Bawal Clan’s ‘Tales From Tha Crypt, Vol. 1’ is:

1. ‘What The Deal Is?’ (Yung Bawal, Mic Rahman, Tres, Nuevo, Rjay Ty, Lex Luthoor, Ankhten Brown, OJ River)
2. ‘Big Fat’ (Disk Nagataki, Yung Bawal, Ankhten Brown, Nuevo, Lex Luthoor, Mic Rahman)
3. ‘Jäger’ (Hidden Leaf Soundsystem, Oj River)
4. ‘Sturdy1’ (Yung Bawal, Ankhten Brown, Malli, Rjay Ty, AGENT2K, DZ SVG, Lex Luthoor)
5. ‘Knowledge In The Tank’ (Yung Bawal, Ankhten Brown, DZ SVG)
6. ‘Ophir’ (Yung Bawal, Nuevo, Lex Luthoor, DZ SVG)
7. ‘So High’ (Yung Bawal, Ankhten Brown, Mic Rahman, Lex Luthoor, Rjay Ty)
8. ‘Guerra’ (Hidden Leaf Soundsystem, Nuevo, Lex Luthoor)
9. ‘Yes!’ (Like Animals, Ankhten Brown, Lex Luthoor, Mic Rahman, DZ SVG, Rjay Ty, AGENT2K)
10. ‘Sincerely Yours’ (JedLi Remix) (JedLi, Ankhten Brown, Rjay Ty, Lex Luthoor, DZ SVG, Mic Rahman, Oj River)

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