Bawal Clan take aim at government incompetence on new single ‘Brrt Brrt’

The track completes their 'FUCK 12' EP

Philippines rap collective Bawal Clan have dropped a new politically charged song, ‘Brrt Brrt’, completing their new EP ‘FUCK 12’.

The new track, available on streaming services today (Sept 11), comes two weeks after the release of ‘headshot’, the other track on ‘FUCK 12’ and a collaboration between Ankhten Brown, Lex Luthoor, DZ SVG, and Rjay Ty.

The EP’s two songs address social injustices in both the Philippines and the United States. ‘Headshot’ ends with sampled dialogue from news reports on protests in Colorado and the shooting of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville, Kentucky.


Stream ‘FUCK 12’ here:


In a press statement, Lex Luthoor said ‘Brrt Brrt’, which features Mic Rahman, Nuevo, and OJ River, is aimed at tackling “government incompetence”.

“Governments worldwide are clinching unto power at the expense of the people who put them there,” Lex said. “Abuse of power should not be tolerated.”

The collective wants the songs to serve as an “eye-opener” for listeners.


“’Brrt Brrt’ is a release. It’s frustration and anger, and fear,” Mic Rahman said.

Yung Bawal added: “With everything going in 2020, as a crew, we wanted to bring awareness to the injustice that happens both in the US and here locally.”

He added: “Our purpose in creating these songs is hopefully to inspire people to help make a change as these problems have been going on for years with not much/little improvement.”

‘Ligtas’, Bawal Clan’s collaborative album with rap group Owfuck, was listed by NME as among the 10 best Southeast Asian albums of 2020 so far.

“‘Ligtas’ sounds immediate and necessary, and the boys spit lines like they’re been doing it all their lives. It’s arguably the most important Filipino rap album in years,” wrote NME‘s Paul John Caña.