Baybeats selling tickets for fans to watch recordings of live-streamed performances in person

Each session is limited to 20 people, who will listen to the performance through headphones

Baybeats is selling tickets that will allow fans to watch artists’ performances in person as they are live-streamed for the long-running Singaporean festival’s second 2020 edition.

The festival announced its second lineup of the year last week, confirming Zild Benitez, Subsonic Eye, Opposition Party, Hanging Up The Moon and more for the November edition.

The day before, the Singapore government announced that live performances with 100-person audiences would be permitted from November 1, sparking hopes that live audiences would be allowed at Baybeats in November.


But in a social media post today (October 30), Baybeats said that with the most recent “safe management guidelines” in mind, “it’s unfortunately still not possible for us to have audiences back to enjoy Baybeats live performances in the way we used to”.

Instead, the festival has announced the Baybeats Backstage Experience, where a maximum of 20 viewers will be allowed to watch sets being recorded for the November livestream on the stage of the Esplanade Theatre.

The groups of 20 will be split into four subgroups of five people each, and subgroups will not be allowed to mingle. Attendees will be listening to the performances through headphones.

Artists whose sets are up for viewing are .gif and Riot !n Magenta on November 6, Forests and Subsonic Eye on November 7, and Cockpit and Opposition Party on November 8. Each set runs approximately an hour.

The festival, which has long been free to attend, will be selling limited passes for this experience. Adult tickets cost S$25, though Esplanade&Me Discover members get $5 off. Tickets go on sale this coming Wednesday (November 4) at 3pm. Find more information here.